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Getting Started as a Medical Assistant

How to Become a Medical AssistantAt, we have put together a step by step guide to understanding how to get started as a medical assistant. It is reported by that medical assistants will see a tremendous demand for their employment over the next decade.

It has never looked better than it does right now to work as a CMA! So lets not waste anytime! Just click on one of the step and the step’s description will be listed at the bottom.

Step by Step – How to Start Working as a Medical Assistant

Step #1 - Graduate From an Accredited CMA Program


The first is the most important for starting out as a medical assistant, graduate from your program.

If you are CMA Category 1

If you are a graduate from either a CAAHEP- or ABHES-accredited CMA program. There is no current documentation required and you will only have thirty days to take the examination. The course practicum and verification of your completion of the program will need to be verified by your program director. Test is $125.

If you are CMA Category 2

CAAHEP or ABHES Certified Medical Assisting course graduate but it was not recent, then you can use your previous schooling transcripts and pay the $125 fee for AAMA members and a fee of $250 for all non-members of AAMA.

If you are CMA Category 3

Fees are $125 AAMA members and $250 for non members. Provide certificate number for re-certification eligibility.

Step #2 - Get All Your Documentation Organized


It is critical that you do have any and all necessary and required documentation ready and available. Contact your state medical board or the AAMA website for state by state specifics for becoming a medical assistant.

Step #3 - Know the Examination Guidelines and Rules


Knowing the rules and guidelines is key and once you turn in your application you are stating you have read them and understand them.

Step #4 - Know Your 90 Day Window Start Date


Select your 90 day start date. This is your window of time to take the CMA exam. Failure to complete it in this window results in needing to pay another fee to take the test and start a new 90 day window.
The AAMA website has more details on the 90 day window.

Step #5 - Stay Connected to Your Main Contact Email


Emails from will come your way and you need to respond to them. So check your email regularly.

Step #6 - Fill out Application for Certification Exam


Applying online is the fastest, safest and most efficient way to apply. But, if you cannot do that, fill out the application and mail it in using certified mail for tracking.

Step #7 - Keep all Your Personal Information Current and Consistent


It can be a pain in the you know what to fix mix-ups in contact information. So just keep it current at all times and update it online asap.

Step #8 - Choose and Schedule Your Testing Date


Just print out your schedule permit so that you are allowed to schedule your test appointment time.

Step #9 - Prep for the Certification Test


The earlier the better. It is as easy as that.

Step #10 - Take and Pass the Certification Exam

STEP #10

Pretty clear here. Take, finish and pass the certification test.

Step #11 - Results for up to 10 Weeks so Keep Your Eyes Open for Them

STEP #11

Step 2 comes in to play here. If you followed the steps, you are good to go!!

Step #12 - Be on the Look out for Your Certificate!!!

STEP #12

Your official score report will appear once you pass the test, but your actual physical license and your own personal wallet I.D. arrives about 8-10 weeks later. Your license will be valid for 5 years.

It has Never Been a Better Time to Start Working as a CMA is proud to assist those who want to enter the medical assistant profession. They are an incredibly special individuals who are working to help others!!

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