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Medical Assistant Salary Guide

Combined with a 23% growth in jobs over the next decade, the nation-wide increases being seen in medical assistant salary are increasing the attractiveness of the medical assisting profession everyday! There are new studies and surveys that have shown that medical assistants are critical to the healthy function of medical facilities. This is due to their versatility and multi-tasking ability, which is highly sought after in a healthcare environment.

Medical Assistant Salary Outlook Through 2024

Medical Assistant Salary

Anytime over 100,000 jobs are going to be added to any field it is something that causes a stir. Medical Assistants are becoming a very highly sought after piece of the medical and healthcare equation.

What positions are being hired and at what rate are always changing in today’s healthcare world. And the CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) is one of the positions that is growing. See what we are talking about below:

Certified Medical AssistantsData from
2015 Median Annual Salary$30,590
2015 Median Hourly Wage$14.71
Entry-Level Education RequirementPostsecondary non-degree award
Total Employment in 2014591,300
Employment Change by 2024138,900
Percent Change in Employment23%

How Can You Increase Your Salary as a Medical Assistant?

Graduating from an associates degree program will be the first place where you can make a higher pay. Employers will in most cases, view you as a higher qualified hire and start you at a higher rate of pay. Also, the degree opens you up for more specialized positions that may require more training and education. The average rate is $5,000 a year higher with a degree than a certificate.

Why is the Growth in CMA Salary Happening?

The growth is happening due to the demand for qualified medical assistants. Computers have changed everything across the globe and healthcare facilities are some of the biggest benefactors of that change. With that change though, employers are hiring differently. And CMAs are now being seen as imperative to the process due to their flexibility and ability to manage the computer software and adhere to change. Which is constant.

The new changes to healthcare make them even more desirable. Many employers are using their assistants for billing and coding too! Getting a medical assistant certification opens a lot of doors. With a little experience, the transition in to nursing, billing and coding and transcription positions is made a lot easier with the work experience gathered as a medical assistant. With all of this great information, it just means the time is now to get started as a CMA Certified Medical Assistant! No table or graph is going to doing anything more than show you it is a good idea. it is now your turn to make that change and become a medical assistant soon!

Top Cities for Medical Assistant Pay

City and Surrounding Area NameEmployment #Employment # per 1K jobsAvg. Hourly PayAvg. Yearly Salary
San Jose, CA4,1804.29$20.76$43,180
Santa Rosa, CA8504.59$20.46$42,560
San Francisco, CA4,1503.82$19.61$40,800
Oakland, CA5,4205.28$19.38$40,310
Santa Cruz, CA6106.86$19.37$40,300
Fairbanks, AK1504.3$19.32$40,180
Rochester, MN3503.4$19.12$39,780
Boston, MA9,3305.2$19.02$39,570
Anchorage, AK9005.13$18.58$38,640
Seattle WA5,9303.97$18.25$37,960
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