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Standard Medical Assistant Job Description

Medical Assistant Job Description

The medical assistant job description is a mix of working with the patient and working behind a desk. In most situations, certified medical assistants are cross-trained so they can perform any administrative or clinical duties directed by their physicians.

Below is a breakdown of the job description of medical assistants in a clinical and administrative scope. Important to remember that each state has different regulations and laws about what a CMA can and cannot do on the job, along with what certification level they need to do what part of the job.

Administrative Duties in the Medical Assistant Job Description

CMA Administrative Duties
Using office software
Answering telephone and emails
Greeting all patients, vendors and visitors
Filing and updating all medical records of patients
Basic medical billing and coding, along with filling out necessary insurance forms
Scheduling patient appointments
Arrange all laboratory services and hospital admissions
Handle all necessary correspondence, bookeeping and billing when asked

Clinical Duties in the CMA Job Description

CMA Clinical Duties
Handling and Giving Medication per the Physician or Doctor
Authorize Prescription Refills
Venipunctural Procedures
Remove Sutures and Dressings from Patients
Patient Instruction
Perform basic Lab tests
Collect Patient Medical History

What Others Duties do Medical Assistants Have?

Act as a Liaison to Patients – Certified Medical assistants are not only critical but they are instrumental in assisting patients and making them feel at ease in the doctor’s office. They also explain many procedures and protocols to the patients. They are the go between the doctor and the patient.

A CMA is Critical to the Office – The Healthcare Intelligence Network conducted a recent survey that showed medical assistants ranked as one of the core five medical professionals that were deemed necessary to a healthy functioning (PCMH) Patient Centered Medical Home team.

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