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12 Steps to Medical Assistant Certification

At, we have compiled a straight to the point 12 step guide to earn medical assistant certification after you have finished your accredited CMA program. So let us get started!

See all the Steps to CMA Certification!!

Just click on a step and the description will show up at the bottom.

Step 1 - Fulfill Your Category Medical Assistant Certification Requirements


CMA Category 1

Graduate from a CAAHEP or ABHES Certified Medical Assistant training program.

Graduating students have no more than 30 days to take the certification examination. There is no documentation required. Your program director will verify your practicum and completion of the CMA program. There is a fee of $125 for the exam.

CMA Category 2

If you were a graduate of a CAAHEP or ABHES Certified Medical Assisting training program, but it was not recently you can use your official transcript $125 for AAMA members and $250 for non-members.

CMA Category 3

Certified Medical Assistant re-certification needs no documentation if you provide your certification number and the latest date of certification on your application you will be good to go. $125 AAMA members and $250 for non members.

Step 2 - Have All Your Required Documentation Ready


Get all your required documentation ready and handy. See your state board and the AAMA website for specifics for your state. Organization can really be helpful!

Step 3 - Review All Exam Policies and Procedures


Upon the submission of your application, you are stating that you have read all the guidelines and policies and you will be expected to know them so read them carefully.

Step 4 - Determine Your Personal Start Date of Your 90 Day Window


Select your 90 day testing window start time. Once this time frame has started you have to take the examination in this time frame or you have to pay another fee for the test.

For more information see the AAMA website for details of the 90 day time frames.

Step 5 - Keep a Close Eye on Your Contact Email at All Times


Provide your  email address so you can get the emails from Check all folders (spam folder too just in case) you don’t want to miss an email.

Step 6 - Apply for the Medical Assistant Licensing Exam


You can apply online through the website, which is always the easiest.

Or you can download the handbook and fill it out the application on back. Make sure you use your legal names on all applications. Matching your name to application and to your drivers license or identification is mandatory at testing time. Mail all documentation from STEP 2 and your application in. Keep copies for your records. This is important. And remember to not send the handbook in with your application.

Step 7 - Make any Necessary Contact Information Changes Swiftly and Clearly


Updating your online as soon as a change is needed will help a lot. If your contact information change please update your information online asap. It is a pain to fix once mistakes are made.

Step 8 - Schedule Your Medical Assistant Licensing Exam Date


Once you print out your scheduling permit you can schedule your testing appointment.

Step 9 - Start Preparing for the CMA Certification Test Now


Everybody studies differently, the key to success is to set yourself up for success. Use the study method that works best for you and use all your CMA program’s resources that are at your disposal and you will do just fine!

Step 10 - Take and Complete the Certification Examination


Well, this one is easy. Take and finish the CMA certification examination.

Step 11 - Wait and Watch for Your Results for up to 10 Weeks


Once you take and finish the test, you will then receive a pass or fail notification at the testing facility. Your “official” scores will be displayed within 2 months of the exam completion date and if you have all your documentation from STEP 2 and paid the fee, you are ready to go.

Step 12 - Be on the Look out for Your Certificate!!!


Once you pass, you will receive your official score report, your actual physical certification and a wallet I.D. card will arrive about 10 weeks after reception of official score report. Your certification as a CMA is valid for 60 months.

Medical Assistant Certification is Rewarding for Many Reasons

After completion, you will not only have a sense of accomplishment, but you are actually not living a life of helping others. What a wonderful opportunity for growth in life as a persona and as a profession! Good luck from!!

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